Travel Groups Part 1

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Probably the most frequent questions we get are related to groups. We are going to talk about groups:

What constitutes a Group?

What kind of Groups are there?

How many people do we need for a Group?

Is there a difference in a group on a Cruise Ship, and a Group on a land destination?

The most frequent question is what advantage is there to book a group and how far in advance do I need to book it?

Let’s start with just what a group is and what the different types of Groups could be. A group is defined as several folks with a common travel idea to a common destination. Please notice only the destination needs to be common, the origin can be as many as desired. What that means is the people going along with the Group can leave from, and return to, any destination. If you have a family like the majority of families, they may be located anywhere in the world. As long as everyone wants to do a common travel destination, that can be a group.

There are several common types of groups. Friends who want to share an experience, it could be girlfriends wanting a girl’s getaway. They could be neighbors of school friends, or just friends who share a common bond. Churches often form groups of friends from Church.Family can be local and distant family, as we have said, but they can also be distant family we have not seen in years. Family reunions are the most popular reasons to get together. Anniversaries, special birthdays, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs are also popular reasons.

There is a strong trend in Family travel today such as we have never seen in history. The very latest trends are Grandparents sharing world discoveries with family, especially Grandchildren. In just the last twelve months, this agency has done 6 “Relive My Family Roots” trips, where Grandparents have done a Family Tree search, and retraced steps ancestors took as many as 2 centuries ago. Often we have found these records and helped families travel to where the family started out.

Another group that is just now exploding in popularity is Destination Weddings. Families have found they often can arrange a full wedding and reception in a destination they have fallen in love with, at a price less than a hometown wedding and reception. More about how that is popular and affordable later in this series. Businesses have found that they can have an annual meeting at an exotic destination and absolutely justify it. Being far away from everyday distractions allows leaders to accomplish much more and keep employees attention much longer. Just as a local meeting may be tax deductible, destination meetings may very well be tax deductible (Always consult your Tax Advisor). It is often an opportunity to meet families, and gain loyalty and cheerleaders for your company. Many of the employee’s expenses can be reviewed with tax consultants for deductibility. One of the most popular activities at destination meetings is a sports related competition such as Golf, Zip Lining, Fishing, or just about any favorite sport you can name.

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