Dominican Safety – Part 6

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Last week, our travel experts discussed the importance of their personal experiences visiting the Dominican Republic. In this final installment, we will see what they say about the travFORUM and what is shows about this destination.

TravelPulse (TP): Tell me about the travFORUM in regards to its success in showing the D.R. off as a safe destination. Do you think the forum succeeded in these regards? What made you feel safe if you did?

Wendy Hoekwater (WH), Apple Leisure Group Vacations’ senior vice president of marketing: Our customer safety is our number one priority, and I experienced the D.R. during the travFORUM and felt very safe. From the moment I landed and was greeted by my Amstar transfer representative to the exclusive Outback [Adventures] safari excursion, and through our hotel site visits, the warm and welcome hospitality of the Dominican Republic was such a great experience. In addition, the amazing beaches make it a top destination for all types of travelers.

Dan Callahan (DC), director of marketing/business development for travAlliancemedia: This forum showcased the best of the D.R. and just how safe it was. We went off-property through small towns and villages and also spent a lot of time at restaurants and bars inside of resorts. Though resorts and attractions had proactively boosted security measures, we had absolutely zero issues regarding safety, and I personally see no reason why anyone would hesitate in traveling there.

Molly Gay (MG), an advisor with BE The Travel in Nashville, Tennessee: I definitely think the travForum helped to show me a lot of what the D.R. has to offer. Even in just a short trip, we were able to see a variety of properties and also spend a half-day exploring the island and learning about the culture and history of Dominican people. I felt totally safe the entire time we were there, and I was so impressed with how warm and welcoming all of the people were. I could tell how genuinely grateful they were to us for being there, and how much pride they have in their country.

Caitlyn Gambino (CG), owner of Aum Journeys in Michigan: When all of the people in each agent’s network see real-time photos on social media of their friend, family member, or go-to travel expert enjoying a beach, interacting with locals, and experiencing the destination firsthand, it makes an impression on them that simply isn’t possible if they’re seeing it on a news channel or magazine.

Sheena Dersidan (SD), owner of IAMSHEGLOBAL, based in Los Angeles: The travFORUM was a wonderful opportunity to experience firsthand how safe the D.R. is. It was invaluable to be able to put my own two feet on the ground, experience multiple resorts as well as local villages and see there is no better way to garner your own opinion than by traveling to a destination and experiencing it for yourself.

Finally, from Leisure Travel Experts, your local family of travel advisors, we wish every client a safe journey and we wish every trip you take will exceed your expectations. No one can guarantee complete safety in travel. Always expect the unexpected and “keep your head on a swivel” at all times. Always use a travel consultant and always use travel insurance for the unexpected occurrence.

Happy trails to you!

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