Dominican Republic Part 1

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Our next adventure is to the Dominican Republic. Located on a very large Island best known as Hispanola, The DR shares the island with Haiti. Separated by a large mountain range, the DR remains under the control of a benevolent government, and the citizens enjoy a remarkable growth in tourism. Much of this country remains underdeveloped and leads to some of the worlds best, accessible, forest area and open beach. Just to the North is the Island of Cuba, and to the South is Puerto Rico. The island enjoys beaches on both the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The climate is very mild and tropical.

Tourism here certainly dates back farther than most islands. President Roosevelt was just one of many who came to the DR for relaxation. One of the original resorts, now called Casa de Campo, hosted many well known socialites over it’s fabulous history. Casa de Campo is still going very strong. There are 5 golf courses on the resort, at least 2 or which are listed as the “Best of the Best”. It is still one of the few resorts in the world to offer Polo, Archery, Skeet, 62 holes of golf, world class beach, and Meeting facilities, all on site.  Santo Domingo is one of the oldest cities in the world, with amazing architecture and wonderful restaurants everywhere. Between those 2 areas, a new highway makes connections and travel much easier. This has opened new beaches and a brand new Cruise Port. Just beyond the city a resurgence in beach resorts provides a contrast to the old city architecture.

Check back next week for part 2 on the Dominican Republic.

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