Cruising Part 2

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CHARLOTTE – Check-in, dining, and onboard showtimes will be scheduled ahead of time and will be embedded in your room key. Departure times will also be scheduled in advance and spread out.

Buffets will probably become “Service Stations” where you will be served instead of reaching in and choosing on your own.

The biggest unknown right now is how the requirements for social distancing will affect pools, sun areas, and shows, as well as the myriad of water entertainment on many ships. Additionally, ports of call will probably change as the cruise lines work with governments in each island or country to determine how to maintain social distancing and how to limit the spread of disease between residents and tourists. There are a lot of challenges to consider.

As for my personal opinion, I see a much brighter future as the cruise lines emerge with much safer sanitation procedures. As to when I foresee a start-up of cruising from US Ports starting in November of2020. I foresee ships sailing at 55% capacity, not only by mandate but by a slow return by clients. I foresee fewer ships sailing out of more ports. I see many of the smaller ships moving to Europe. I already see ports such as Texas and Florida, enjoying new facilities with bigger and more automated terminals.

I already see luxury cruise lines such as Virgin prepare to operate in the Caribbean with mid-size, luxury vessels, designed with social distancing and enhanced food service procedures.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please call Leisure Travel at 980 4061650 or

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