Cruising Is Back- Part 8

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CHARLOTTE – For a Travel Consultant, the hardest job can be helping clients select a ship. When the company has all the Carnivalfamily ships working, I have counted as many as 24 ships sailing in 1 week. Ships are rated by tonnage, but passenger capacity is always easier to compare. They have shipped from 19 decks and 4,500 passengers, down to2,000 guests and 15 decks. Even the smallest ship is a giant to the novice sailor. Carnival tries to keep pricing mainstream and below and has a large number of family cabins that can sleep up to 5 (please ask us before you book 5 people in a single cabin, we have alternatives). With departure ports all over the USA and Europe, they will compare with any cruise line for most popular.

Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruise Lines is the “upscale” sister of Royal Caribbean. Of all the things to be famous for, Celebrity has become famous for being the first large Ocean Cruise Ship to have a Female Captain. While that may be considered just amusing or interesting, it speaks volumes for the willingness of this cruise line to step on and over boundaries. Lately the line has begun a policy of “all-inclusive fares” that are very appealing to the mostly adult clientele they opt for. Featuring amazing blown glass centerpieces hanging in the lobby of some of the ships, the décor is elegant, if understated at all. The upper decks are replete with “Quiet Zones” and palm trees. One would be hard pressed to hear blaring music anywhere. The waitstaff at night can often be seen with white gloves. Cleanliness is paramount, and on any departure, you would be hard pressed to move about on the ship and not meet at least several employees sanitizing surfaces. Meals are served in different styles of venues all over the ship, from the main dining restaurants to Chef’s tables and gourmet venues.

Phil and Barbara own Leisure Travel Experts here in Mint Hill and are proud members of the Mint Hill Chamber of commerce.

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