Cruising Is Back- Part 13

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Moving back to the bigger players once again, MSC was the worlds largest container shipping company, and probably still would be if only they could get the containers unloaded at the ports. Some 15 years ago they entered the Passenger Cruise industry and brought a mega-ship to Miami. Heavy with Italian influence, it was an immediate hit with all of the Italian Immigrant families, and those who thought Marble everywhere was cool. Obviously, Europe-based parent company, Mediterranean Shipping Company USA began building more ships. They claim to now be the third-largest cruise line in the world. Currently owning 22 ships worldwide, they operate 2 itineraries in the Caribbean, 1 in New England, and own and operate an Island in the Bahamas call Ocean Cay. MSC Cruises USA operates out of Miami and Port Canaveral, with ships that compete with size and capacity any large ship afloat today. They offer all levels of staterooms, but also offer staterooms in an area called “The Yacht Club”. This is an upgraded experience with rooms that can be aligned in sequence to accommodate a large, multi-generation family. It has a separate dining area and pool area, but occupants can use any of the other public dining venues on board. Competing with Carnival, Norwegian and Royal Caribbean, this line offers mainline pricing. MSC has been concentrating on bringing it’s fleet in Europe back to pre-Covid days, and has been mostly successful there. My clients tell me they go back for the Italian experience and the wonderful marble floors and walls. The Priceline is a very big factor in picking MSC.

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