Barbados 2022- Part 4

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CHARLOTTE – Another evening, we dined at the Bombay Club Restaurant. The India inspired menu was very complete and included the very best of tantalizing, spiced presentations one could ask for. Each restaurant offered a special drink, and that night we enjoyed a house-special Martini with wonderful and exotic flavors. Our food was presented perfectly, albeit just a tad spicy for our tastes. Never-the -less, it was a wonderful experience we both enjoyed.

Our next dining adventure was La Parisienne, and French it was. The menu was not French inspired, it was French! Barbara and I both chose the “Poulet Cordon Blue” It is the “Signature Dish” for this restaurant, and did not disappoint. For starters, Barbara had the Salade Maison, a delightful garden salad, and I had my “Escargot a la Bourguignonne”. Truth be told, I had tasted this version of Escargot once before and I was just pining for another taste. The chef did not disappoint.. Of course we finished off with “Mille Feuilles Aux Baies”, a private version of CremeBrulee that was loaded with the most tantalizing, marinated berries, Grand Marnier, and Chantilly Crème.

At “Butches”, it was my pleasure to order the“Chef’s Surf and Turf”. The lobster tail was served with a special sauce that we completely enjoyed, and you could ask for the Herb Butter on the side to compliment it. The Filet Mignon was a generous serving. I had ordered it cooked Medium, and it cam out just perfect. Barbara ordered medium well, and found ot to be still very juicy and done to perfection. We started out with Ceasar Salad, and finished with something called “Willy Wonka Brulee”. Holy Mackeral!!!! This thing had Brulee with Chocolate Chips, Bailey’s, and Caramel Popcorn. What a delight!

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