Finish Strong

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MINT HILL, NC – We are just a few short weeks away from the end of the 2020-2021 school year. What are some ways that we can maintain the momentum that we have thus far so that we don’t lose the ground that we have worked so hard to gain this year?

First,  we should maintain a schedule. It is not unusual to want to slack off a bit as we near the end of the school year. Maintain a schedule so that your child is able to be consistent in completing assignments and tasks.  Even as our schedules are beginning to change as we prepare for the summer, it is important to maintain a level of consistency with everyday activities.

Second, be sure to schedule breaks.  Set aside time during the day to take a short break to recharge. Stepping away from a task for a short period of time allows us to regroup and prepare ourselves to complete the task at hand.  Third, let’s be sure that we get organized, again. Have things gotten a little out of order? Get organized again to ensure that you are able to finish the school year with as little disruption as possible. 

Fourth and finally, we should set goals. Work with your child to create goals to reach within the next few weeks. Set up a reward system and a prize once those goals are achieved. 

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