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The best way to hire the right company for your project is to meet your contractor in person and get a detailed estimate based on a visual inspection.

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CHARLOTTE – Start your project off on the right foot.

We have gotten a lot of clients lately asking for estimates based on pictures. While everyone is busy and clients want to limit who comes into their home, getting a solid estimate and hiring the right contractor comes down to two things: meeting your contractor in person (or even via Zoom) and getting a detailed estimate based on a visual inspection. Even a seemingly simple job can go wrong when these steps aren’t taken.

  1. Meet the contractor and build a relationship. The contractor will be spending a lot of time in your home. Get a feel for their personality, how they work, and work ethic. Interview each contractor. Have they done this kind of work before? Will he be doing the work himself? Do they use subcontractors? If you don’t feel comfortable or if the contractor isn’t able to answer questions or explain the project, find someone else.
  2. Measuring properly. When pricing, contractors consider square footage and many other factors. When considering tiles, contractors take note of interior structures such as columns, corners and outlets–this impacts the time and precision for measuring and cutting tiles. Pictures don’t tell the whole story.
  3. Understanding what’s behind/beneath/around. When estimating a floor, it’s important for the contractor to understand what’s underneath and to check for signs of visible damage. Pictures don’t show this! Unfortunately, the only way to see what’s going on under a floor is to remove the old floor. The contractor won’t do this during a consultation, but they can point out any concerns from the visual inspection. And then, when it’s time to rip up the floor, the contractor should show you exactly what’s going on (if anything), what steps need to be taken, and if this changes the project’s timing or pricing.

Nothing compares to an in-person consultation, which usually lasts about 30 to 60 minutes. This meeting will help you decide which contractor you feel most comfortable and confident hiring, and which one has the experience to do the job right the first time.

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John Kontakis
Mr. Tile and Home Improvements Owner and Master Tiler John Kontakis takes extreme pride in helping clients with their home projects. With more than 25 years experience in kitchen/bathroom remodeling and expert tiling, John and his team treat your home like it's their own, paying meticulous attention to detail and completing projects on time and within budget. Mr. Tile can be contacted at 704-256-3750 or