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Respiratory Therapist of the Year - Karen Griffin

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CHARLOTTE – Health care providers in our community help build us in many ways; from providing care to being a part of the community, they are essential building blocks. Novant Health provides a Respiratory Therapy program that offers care for patients that suffer from lung diseases and disorders that can come from a countless number of issues. They are trained and skilled in being able to assess, diagnose, and treat patients that deal with any problems related to difficulty breathing. Treatment can help people of all ages in conjunction with physicians to come up with a care plan to help restore as much function in natural breathing as possible. The care of a Respiratory Therapist is essential to the quality of life these patients. 

Novant's Respiratory Managers and talent acquisition representatives
Novant’s Respiratory Managers and talent acquisition representatives

Novant’s Respiratory Therapists belong to a non-profit organization that supports and benefits Respiratory Care Practitioners of North Carolina, and each year that organization recognizes practitioners at a yearly conference. During the conference, practitioners are nominated for awards to recognize their dedication to their profession. This year, Karen Griffin was a winning nomination for the NCSRC Practitioner of the Year Award. This award is given to practitioners that possess special skills to exhibit an extra commitment to their patients, and motivate, inspire, and lead other practitioners. Receiving the Harvey Jacobs Leadership Award Winning Nomination was Kara Horn. The Harvey Jacobs Leadership Award is given to leaders who possess and routinely exhibit special skills to motivate, lead, and inspire other practitioners in their knowledge of respiratory care.

Karen Griffin received the NCSRC Practitioner of the Year Award Nomination for her 100% commitment to providing remarkable patient care.  She actively advocates for each one of her patients, and the care she provides is out of this world.  Her manager received multiple compliments on Karens’s outstanding care for her patients on a daily and weekly basis. Karen also has been recognized for all her hard work at Novant Health and received the Sunshine and “The Mint” awards.  ​She always goes above and beyond by doing all of their new hire orientation and making sure that each team member is set up for success.  Several RCP students come to Mint Hill for training, and she is always willing to jump in and teach future RCP’S.  Constantly reading new articles and staying up to date on new technology or methods of how to improve care, Karen truly deserved this award. 

Group photo of Novant representative at recent conference
Group photo of Novant representative at recent conference

The Harvey Jacobs Leadership Award Winning Nomination went to Kara Horn. Trustworthy, fair, skilled, hardworking, positive, inspirational, and a motivator: those are just a few words used to describe the character of Kara. She is the Respiratory Care manager at Novant Health Mint Hill Medical Center.  The way that she manages the team at Mint Hill and the PRN team members in the Charlotte market is outstanding.  She is one of the biggest influences on the growth of their therapists and motivates others to practice at the top of their license.  Kara has done a wonderful job at developing and organizing many educational activities for the organization.  One example that has changed the way Respiratory Therapists function every day is her developing an intubation class and lab setting for their Respiratory Therapists and advanced practitioners.  This huge accomplishment has helped the profession advance and, more importantly, has enabled the practitioners to provide safer and more efficient emergent care for patients.  On top of the many accomplishments such as this, Kara has also shown exemplary leadership in always being available and supportive of her team.  She always has her door open and is always ready to step into staffing when we need her.  Her positive energy brings peace and joy to the entire facility and organization. ​   

The accomplishments and dedication of these ladies and the Resporaitry Care Team are part of what is helping us build and stronger and healthier community. We thank you for your dedication and kindness to serve our community.

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