Cruise Ships and Cruising Styles – Part 5

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This week we’ll look at more of the WOW factor on cruise ships.

Central Park. OK, so non believers, this is where you just have to go to the Royal Caribbean website, or my office and see for yourself. The ENTIRE back half of these ships is cut in half down the middle. There are back to back center facing and ocean facing cabins on EACH side of the back half. The center is open to the sky. On deck 8 there is an area called Central Park, with live trees shrubs, greenery, and intimate pathways to small dining venues. These are live trees, complete with the weather from outside, park benches to relax on, and a merry go round to enjoy. Both starboard and port sides have balcony staterooms, with balconies over this very quiet area.

The Haven. One of the “ship within a ship” concepts. Norwegian Cruise Lines advertises The Haven. Located at the very top of the largest ships, The Haven is home to clusters of cabin types from the Owner’s Suite to a 2 bedroom family suite, to a spa suite, this area is purpose designed as a place where an entire family can find the type of accommodation they need, all with butler service, private dining available, and even a private pool. It is the perfect way for a multi generation family to stay together, while everyone has private accommodations and can do their own thing

The Yacht Club. Another “ship within a ship” concept, the Yacht Club is MSC Cruises luxury experience on a cruise ship designed to appeal to most travelers. The Yacht Club provides butler services to all cabins within this category and section of the ship. They even have a private dining option for Yacht Club guests only.

Next week we’ll discover destinations and experiences.

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