How To Make The Most Out Of A Small Bathroom 

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CHARLOTTE – Small bathrooms can be frustrating. Maybe there’s not enough storage. Perhaps the space feels cramped, so it’s impossible to relax at the end of a long day. Fortunately, you don’t need to feel limited. All it takes is a clever strategy in order to make that small bathroom feel bigger. 

Ditch Shower Curtains in Favor of Glass

Shower curtains — when closed — separate the shower or tub, making the room appear smaller. Even when you tuck those curtains to the side, they still add bulk. Instead, go with a glass shower or tub enclosure. It allows you to see into the stall, opening the room nicely.

Tile Tricks to Open the Room

There are some clever tricks you can use with tile in order to make the room feel larger. Geometrics such as zigzags or long subway tiles add a sense of directionality, which can help make a bathroom seem more spacious.

Go Big With Mirrors

Mirrors reflect light to make the room feel larger. If possible, hang a large mirror above the vanity, from countertop to ceiling. It’s also possible to work in mirrors as part of the décor, just as you might hang artwork.

With these workarounds, you can transform a bathroom that feels cramped into a spacious oasis to relax. Combine a variety of these ideas to make the most of your small bathroom.

This week’s Contractor Corner column is contributed by Jaclyn Crawford of ImproveNet.

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