Do I Need a Permit for My Renovation?

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Charlotte, NC – Welcome to Contractor Corner. Each Issue we’ll be spilling the beans about the all-too-often intimidating and secretive world of home renovations.

Do I need a permit for my renovation?

The Mecklenburg County Permitting office states that a building permit is required for any construction project that costs more than $15,000, or any project that involves new plumbing or electrical.

What does this mean for you and your bathroom renovation project? Take, for example, a standard bathroom renovation, defined as replacing the floor, vanity, and toilet, and installing a walk in shower. In most cases, the labor for a project like this should be around $12,000, so that leaves you with a $3,000 budget for materials to still remain below the threshold for permits. Where a permit becomes necessary is when new plumbing and electrical fixtures are being added, such as when you build a new bathroom where there wasn’t one previously, regardless of the project cost. If your project exceeds these thresholds and requires a permit, you should budget $400- $1,000 for the permitting process. Check with your contractor to see if they include permits on your project, and whether they will help you with the process, and whether they expect you to pay for the permits or if they will be covering the cost.

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