4 Steps To Planning Your Remodel 

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  1. Figure Out What Your Goals Are

Is it to add more light? Create more space? Install modern fixtures? Repair damage from a leak? Get rid of that pink 1950’s tile? Increase your home value? Knowing what your goal is can help you prioritize where your money and effort should be focused.

2. Set a Realistic Material Budget

Materials for a full bathroom remodel can be as low as $1,400 if you shop around and use a little creativity. To get a big design on a small budget, let colors and patterns do the work. You can make a great statement with a unique tile pattern or bold paint color, and neither one costs a penny extra.

3. Engage Your Contractor Early

This is a big one. Renovations and remodeling projects may seem daunting, but a good contractor can help you make buying decisions and make sure you’re getting the right quantities and types of materials. Your contractor can also give you feedback on the quality of the materials you’re looking at and which ones perform the best in their experience.

4. Pull the Trigger

Remodeling a portion of your home is a big decision, but it can be fun — and less stressful if you plan ahead.

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Logan Phillips
Logan Phillips has managed over $50 Million in renovation projects, ranging from small historic homes to the Former President's personal office. As the Head of Operations at remodelmate, I help hundreds of homeowners per year manage their renovations, including design, permitting, materials, and construction. Remodelmate has the largest network of local, licensed, insured, and vetted Contractors, and can provide you a bathroom renovation quote in less than 2 minutes at remodelmate.com