Adoptable Pet of the Week – Joy

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UNION COUNTY, NC – The Humane Society of Union County is pleased to present Joy for adoption!

“Have you ever seen such a darling little kitten? Joy rings true to her name as she is the happiest kitten and spreads joy to whomever she meets. Joy was born roughly around 9/29/21 and has a bum front leg, but that doesn’t stop her at all! She’s got such a fun and big personality!  She lights up and runs to see you, begging for you to play fetch or just give lots of pets & snuggles.  Her leg doesn’t deter her from running, jumping and playing with her toys. She would love a kitty playmate, gentle dog, or a person who can give her lots of extra playtime and attention.”

Don’t let this little superstar slip away. Complete your adoption application today at

Age: about 4 months old
Breed/Sex: Domestic Cat/Spayed
Temperament: Sweet with a bum leg

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Tara Botero
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