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The loss of a loved one can be a painful road to travel. However, the employees of Stanly Funeral Home and Cremation have made it their business to make the journey easier. They are very happy to announce their new location Locust, North Carolina. With the Grand Opening happening on February 4th, 2018, the Locust Location Manager, Luke Widenhouse, couldn’t be more pleased. “I feel very fortunate to be able to serve the community where I grew up.” Widenhouse says, “We want everyone to know they are welcome to come out to our Grand Opening to see our new location, to check out our facility and the services we offer, and to ask our team any questions they might have. We hope to begin a conversation and continue relational fellowship with Locust and all of Stanly County.”

For Mr. Widenhouse, and all of the Stanly Funeral team, their business is a very important one. “This kind of work is more than just a job – it is a calling.” Widenhouse discloses. “Everybody has a ministry. Everyone has a place where they truly belong in the world and this area of need is ours.” This desire is what led Mr. Widenhouse to apprentice himself with the owner of Stanly Funeral Home, William S. Aldridge III. The Stanly Funeral Home has been around since 1902 and their name has become synonymous with the best in personal, yet professional, care.

The team at Stanly Funeral Home (left to right) Charles Cooper, Keith Walters, Becky Haire, Tommy Baucom, Judy Love, David Cooper, Pat Hinson, William S. Aldridge, III, Jean Aldridge, Robert Osteen, Brittany Gardon, Luke Widenhouse, Raedell Gardon, Brian Simpson, Rusty Beaman, Roger Hypes, and Ron Loflin.

Shortly after joining Stanly funeral home, Mr. Widenhouse completed his Funeral Service license and accepted a position at the company’s second location in Locust. The young man’s focused dedication to making sure every family receives a personal, memorable experience during such a difficult time blends perfectly with the company’s own ideals.

“I think what sets us apart is that we make a strong connection with each of the families we serve in some way, shape, or form. We are dedicated to helping individuals feel confident that we are listening to what they need, we are here to help them be able to grieve, and we are going to give their loved one the best service possible.” Widenhouse kindly shares, “Every service we arrange is personal, because any individual a family loses is unique.”

Stanly Funeral Home does an excellent job with this aspect of their business. They arrange funerals for all races, beliefs systems, creeds, and ages. “We also have contacts available for surviving family members who may have specific needs. If we need to have a sign language interpreter present for a consultation, we can. If there is a potential language barrier, we can address it. Our goal is to make the process as smooth as can be.” Widenhouse explains. “We want anyone who may be grieving the loss of a family member to be able to come to us with the assurance that we would be able to accommodate their situation with a professional service. One that will paint of a picture of their legacy living on throughout the family.”

To Stanly Funeral Home, every person is a story. “The reason a person matters is because of those who knew them. That is the legacy on which we build a funeral service.” Widenhouse continues. “As I’m talking to surviving family members, I will figure out what is the best option for them.” Stanly Funeral Home is happy to step in during an overwhelming time. They can arrange the location, flowers, memorial video, legal paperwork, and either the burial or cremation so that families can spend their focus and time on what they need to: grieving their loved one.

“Whatever is needed, we will handle for our client.” Widenhouse clarifies. “We do both prearranged or at need services. Whether it is someone who dies unexpectedly, someone who has been given a timeline, or a concerned parent who just wants to give peace of mind to their families when they do pass on, Stanly Funeral Home tries to make it an enlightening experience. Our clients can go through the service knowing the deceased arranged everything, Stanly is following their wishes, and we can just focus on remembering Mom or Dad and what they meant to us.”

“No one ever truly leaves our hearts and minds,” Widenhouse touchingly asserts, “and our promise is to provide a memorable service for someone who has lost a loved one. We want each one of our clients to be able to celebrate a life lived, on both a personal and professional level.”

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