Behind the Lines: Officer Andrew Humm

Officer Andrew Humm

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MINT HILL, NC – This week, Mint Hill Police Department’s Officer Andrew Humm is given the spotlight.  Officer Humm has been employed with the department nearly four years after coming on board from a company police agency.  Humm says growing up in Michigan he knew at an early age that he wanted to be a police officer and help others when he could.   

Prior to entering law enforcement, Humm served four years in the United States Army and was assigned to Arlington National Cemetery as a member of the prestigious Honor Guard with an MOS of 11B, otherwise known as an “Infantry Man.”  Officer Humm is proud to have served others in a capacity that allowed him to demonstrate respect for the fallen in such a dignified manner that not everyone can experience.  After completion of his service, Officer Humm studied at Gardner Webb University, where his most significant achievement was earning BA degrees in both Criminal Justice and Human Services at the same time. 

Currently, Officer Humm can be found working patrol duties, but his interests lie with traffic enforcement and crash investigations.  Officer Humm has nearly completed his reconstructionist certifications, which entails many hours of training through the North Carolina Justice Academy. 

Humm prides himself on treating people in a respectful manner no matter the situation and says everyone has walked a different path.  He enjoys everyday encounters with the public as he feels these interactions are the driving force of his passion to serve others. Humm enjoys mentoring others and aspires to advance in his career as a supervisor and training officer.

During Officer Humm’s off time, travelling has been his biggest enjoyment.  He has been to many places, but the history and culture of Rome stand out the most.

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