Live Resin VS. Live Rosin: What’s The Difference? Part 1

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MINT HILL, NC – Live REsin….Live ROsin, is it the same thing just different vowels?

Other then the one vowel, there are distinct differences between live rosin and resin. Perhaps the most important thing differentiating them is the extraction process. Whether it’s live or regular, resin is created by passing chemical solvents over fresh plant material whereas rosin extraction is solventless, using pressure and heat to extract the final concentrate.

Lets start with:

What is live resin?

Live resin refers to a specific type of concentrate extracted from fresh plant matter. The plant matter is not dried or cured but instead flash-frozen to preserve the array of active compounds and terpenes that would be lost otherwise during the curing process.

Live resin is extracted using chemical solvents such as butane. This is similar to the process for producing butane hash oil (BHO) where the butane is passed over plant matter under high pressure.

This process yields a sticky brown or yellow liquid which is then dried into an amber concentrate. The solvent gets removed and recycled from the final product using a vacuum and can be used to start the process again. By using fresh plants, the product may have a fuller flavor and high terpene content.

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