Insomnia Can Be Treated With CBD

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MINT HILL, NC – Let’s keep it real, with everything that is going on in the world today we all need a little help with getting a good night’s sleep from time to time. If you are like me you would rather not take medications that are prescribed rather its because of the side effects, risk of becoming addicted or simply because you would rather do it a more natural way.

More and more people, according to recent market studies, are taking CBD in various forms to fight insomnia and sleep better without having to resort to drugs or chemical ingredients.

CBD can help treat anxiety, which is often a root cause of insomnia. It can help to reduce heart rate and blood pressure, allowing the body to fall asleep faster

CBD also promotes an elevated mood and more relaxed state, which helps with falling asleep as well.

This substance obtained from hemp has calming and relaxing properties that can help you rest more deeply even in times of anxiety and stress, which can significantly worsen the quality and duration of sleep.

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Monica Hailey-Sharpe
Monica Hailey Sharpe is a woman of many interests. A native Charlottean, she is mother of (2) beautiful girls and grandmother. When Monica is not working in her store , she likes to travel, shop, volunteer for missionary work, especially anything pertaining to the elderly. Her second passion is helping the homeless.

Now a published author, Monica looks forward to promoting her book and sharing her story to encourage other women to tell theirs.

A true philanthropist, Monica believes in a good cause and has contributed to several over the years.

Her heartbeat above all else is spending time with her four grandchildren.