A lifelong passion-driven business, TAG’M Kennels, run by owners Gwyn and Terry Mathis in Stanfield, has been in operation for more than 40 years.Located on Kennel Drive in the heart of Stanfield, the kennel and grooming all-in-one stop for pet care needs is dedicated to the quality care of their fuzzy customers.After working in Charlotte and deciding to move to Stanfield, the Mathis family wanted to have space for show dogs and their family. It was when grooming her Schnauzer show dogs became a part-time job that Gwyn then saw it rapidly become a full-time job. TAG’M Kennels gets its name from Terry-And-Gwyn-Mathis.Gwyn has been showing dogs for more than 45 years and breeds a litter of puppies each year. She often grooms the pets of third generation customers from all over the state who travel to her for her special care and technique. They breed Miniature Schnauzers for show or championship. According to Gwyn, Schnauzers are great dogs for agility and obedience competition. A Champion Stud service is also available at TAG’M.Every year, Gwyn travels up and down the east coast to AKC All Breed Confirmation Dog Shows during the Spring and Fall seasons on the weekends where she shows her champion Schnauzers. […]