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Chief clears up fire tax confusion

West Stanly Fire Department Chief Tripp Crosby cleared up some recent confusion concerning the new rise in the fire tax affecting the fire department’s district at the Locust City Council meeting last Thursday.

The confusion began at the Stanfield town council meeting the week before, when the board and town administrator Bob Harvey discussed how Stanfield residents would see an increase in their fire tax from .08 percent to .0842 percent. It was also said at the meeting Stanfield, New London, and Richfield were the only towns to have an increase. Crosby stated at the Locust meeting this was incorrect.

“It is true; if your property value increased you will see an increase in your fire tax, in the most extreme case around $10. Many will see a reduction in the fire taxes you pay,” said Crosby. “This did not just affect one of the municipalities that we currently serve, but affects the entire district regardless if you live in a city, town or the county.”

Of the misinformation, Harvey stated, “I knew that it was affecting others, but I was just thinking of it as how it pertains to Stanfield at the meeting.” […]

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Stanfield swears in new commissioner

“This is the first time in many months,” said Mayor Kevin Barbee at the Stanfield Town Council meeting, “that we have had five people to begin a meeting here.”

Before the monthly board meeting, the mayor swore in James Davis Griffin as a commissioner, filling a vacant spot that has been empty since former commissioner Aaron Helms sat on the board.

Helms resigned his position from the board last year at the June 2012 meeting. Helms and his family moved outside town limits, making his claim to sit on the board null and void. At the time, the board decided to leave his seat vacant and commissioner Jason Smith would assume his duties. […]

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Stanfield approves new attorney at council meeting

The Stanfield Board of Commissioners appointed a new attorney to represent the town after a closed session at the Thursday, March 7 meeting.The new Stanfield Town attorney is Robert Cansler of Concord. Cansler has served as the City of Concord’s in-house attorney, as town attorney for Indian Trail, and has served as an assistant Attorney General for the state for 11 years.Cansler, in addition to being the town’s attorney, is also currently working on a contract basis with the City of Concord and Cabarrus County Clerk of the Court, says Stanfield Town Administrator Bob Harvey. […]

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Stanfield public hearing draws crowd

More than 50 residents braced the cold night and shared their opinions with the Stanfield Board of Commissioners at a zoning public hearing held prior to the commissioners’ meeting last Thursday, March 7.At the end of the commissioners’ meeting, the board voted unanimously to change the zoning classification for the property from residential to commercial.The property in question is 2.8 acres, situated on 40 acres owned by James and Lorri Castonguay located on Hwy. 200 beside the Austin Oaks neighborhood. The Castonguay family purchased the land and presented plans to the planning and zoning board to rezone the property from residential to commercial and open a pet grooming and kennel business.At the public hearing, petitions were presented in support and against the re-zoning of the property. Many of the gathered citizens voiced their opinions to the board. Those opposed cited issues of elevated noise levels and foul odors along with safety concerns for children. Those in support of the kennel voiced the advantages of small businesses and the clean and strategic business plan of the kennel and grooming business.Realtor Jerry Burleson spoke on behalf of the Castonguay family at the commissioners meeting. Due to a death in the family, the Castonguays were unable to attend the public hearing and com- missioners’ meeting. […]

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Stanfield Commissioners approve re-zoning

The Stanfield Board of Commissioners approved unanimously for re-zoning two tracts of land located on Hwy. 200. The tracts of land to be zoned are owned by James and Lorrie Castonguay and are approximately 2.8 acres out of 40 acres. The zoning classification will have the property changed from residential to commercial use.The Castongauys have […]

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TAG’M Kennels: lifelong love of animals, breeding

A lifelong passion-driven business, TAG’M Kennels, run by owners Gwyn and Terry Mathis in Stanfield, has been in operation for more than 40 years.Located on Kennel Drive in the heart of Stanfield, the kennel and grooming all-in-one stop for pet care needs is dedicated to the quality care of their fuzzy customers.After working in Charlotte and deciding to move to Stanfield, the Mathis family wanted to have space for show dogs and their family. It was when grooming her Schnauzer show dogs became a part-time job that Gwyn then saw it rapidly become a full-time job. TAG’M Kennels gets its name from Terry-And-Gwyn-Mathis.Gwyn has been showing dogs for more than 45 years and breeds a litter of puppies each year. She often grooms the pets of third generation customers from all over the state who travel to her for her special care and technique. They breed Miniature Schnauzers for show or championship. According to Gwyn, Schnauzers are great dogs for agility and obedience competition. A Champion Stud service is also available at TAG’M.Every year, Gwyn travels up and down the east coast to AKC All Breed Confirmation Dog Shows during the Spring and Fall seasons on the weekends where she shows her champion Schnauzers. […]

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Stanfield man dies in Locust motorcycle accident

A Stanfield man died in a motorcycle crash Wednesday, February 20 at approximately 6 pm in Locust at the entrance to the West Main Plaza.Thomas Ray Adcock, 54 of Crest Ridge Drive in Stanfield was driving a Harley Davidson motorcycle west on Hwy. 24/27 when the bike struck the back of a pickup truck in […]

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Stanfield approves board members, welcomes business

At the February meeting of the Stanfield Board of Commissioners Thursday, February 7, the board approved new planning and zoning members and officially rezoned an area for a new business.

Two planning and zoning board members, whose tenure expired on December 12, 2012, were reappointed.

Chris Turner and Marian Kinley were unanimously reappointed onto the plan- ning and zoning board. Mayor Kevin Barbee asked if anyone else had applied to be a part of the board, wanting to make sure that the town weighed every candidate.

As part of the planning and zoning portion of the meeting, a rezoning request was heard from James Castonguay and Laurie Sharp Castonguay on property they own in Stanfield.

James and Laurie made a presentation to the board on January 28, of 40 acres that they purchased in the town, which they wanted to rezone two parcels to general business and residential agriculture.

A dog grooming business will occupy the building on the site that will be rezoned to general business.

Addressing a concern brought by the board on what type of business could occupy the space, town administrator Robert Harvey said, “This can be nothing but a dog grooming shop. If he sold it to his daughter, sold it to Jimmy, it could only be that.”

Moving forward, a public hearing is scheduled for prior to the board of commissioners March 7 meeting, after which the town can make a motion to rezone the property. […]

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Sweetheart Hoe Down

Wishbone Pub will have a Sweetheart Hoe Down Friday, February 15 at 9 pm. The Uncle Noot Band will perform. There will be door prizes and a prize for the Best Dressed Hoe Down Couple. There will be no cover charge. Photographer portraits will be taken to capture your memories. Call 704-618-9171 for free Safe Ride( limo […]

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Stanfield sewer fees to change

Residents of the Town of Stanfield can expect changes to sewer fees beginning this month. The board last Thursday approved a new fee system for the improper disposal of waste and other alien objects such as diapers, kitchen grease, oil, plastic objects, clothes, rags, etc.

The town did not have a prior fee schedule to resolve […]

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