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Locust Police Department release July stats

Total incident types/ offenses for July were 160, up from the 149 in June. Completed incident reports were also up from 138 to 147. Although the increase is expected due to the summer months, the month can still be con- sidered peaceful, according to the LPD. Other numbers included 1,622 businesses and neighborhood checks for the month, 16 arrest charges made, and an increase again from 120 to 123 citation charges issued. […]

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Two-county chase leads to stolen property discovery

Fifty-two hundred dollars in stolen merchandise from local Wal-Marts was recovered after a two- county car chase ended with a foot chase Tuesday, June 11.

Locust police officers responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle circling the parking lot of Wal-Mart early Tuesday morning around 3 am. When the officers arrived, a Dodge Magnum driven by Desiree Lee Gorman of Fountain Inn, S.C., with passenger Reginald Ed- ward Gillespie, of Green- ville, S.C., was observed not coming to a complete stop at a red light on Red Bridge Boulevard. The vehicle was then stopped near Reed Mine Road on Hwy. 24/27 not far from Locust Wal-Mart. Once the stop was made, the vehicle fled the scene with officers in pursuit.

The car made a turn onto Hwy. 601 towards Concord when Gorman lost control of the vehicle causing it to collide with a fire hydrant in front of Tractor Supply in Midland. Both the driver and passenger fled on foot and were apprehended after a short chase. […]

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The following is a Crime Prevention Advisory sent out by the Locust Police DepartmentVEHICLE BREAK-IN PREVENTION ADVISORYUnlocked vehicle break-ins are still occurring on inconsistent occasions in Stanly County and Locust.  There is no concrete evidence that these break-ins are all being perpetrated by the same individual(s) however, the method has stayed consistent.  These thieves are checking for unlocked doors on vehicles and upon finding one, they search through the cars looking for easily removed electronics such as GPS devices, firearms, and money including small amounts of loose change.  The perpetrators are even stealing the vehicle if they find a key inside the vehicle anywhere.  These individuals are also not just checking a couple of vehicles, they are canvassing entire areas including neighborhoods, looking for unlocked vehicles to steal from.  The Locust Police Department is again reminding all citizens of the following preventative measures:-  Keep all items of value OUT of your vehicle(s), especially in the late night and early morning hours.-  KEEP YOUR VEHICLE(S) LOCKED AND YOUR WINDOWS UP WHEN YOU WILL BE AWAY FROM YOUR VEHICLE(S), EVEN IF YOU WILL ONLY BE AWAY FOR A FEW MINUTES.  It is still a good idea to keep your vehicle(s) secure even if you have removed all valuables. […]

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