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Locust Officers awarded Intermediate Certificates

Four officers were awarded intermediate certificates at the City of Locust council meeting last Thursday, August 8. Locust Police Chief Frank Hartsell recognized Sgt. Ricky Crayton, officers Chad Whitley, Brittany Tucker, and Thomas Smith.

“When we reach 75 percent of our officers at intermediate or above training, we get very favorable rates on our liability insurance and it is a significant savings to the city,” explained city administrator Tim Fesperman. “Very shortly we will obtain that 75 percent and receive those favorable rates and this is a big deal.” […]

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Chief clears up fire tax confusion

West Stanly Fire Department Chief Tripp Crosby cleared up some recent confusion concerning the new rise in the fire tax affecting the fire department’s district at the Locust City Council meeting last Thursday.

The confusion began at the Stanfield town council meeting the week before, when the board and town administrator Bob Harvey discussed how Stanfield residents would see an increase in their fire tax from .08 percent to .0842 percent. It was also said at the meeting Stanfield, New London, and Richfield were the only towns to have an increase. Crosby stated at the Locust meeting this was incorrect.

“It is true; if your property value increased you will see an increase in your fire tax, in the most extreme case around $10. Many will see a reduction in the fire taxes you pay,” said Crosby. “This did not just affect one of the municipalities that we currently serve, but affects the entire district regardless if you live in a city, town or the county.”

Of the misinformation, Harvey stated, “I knew that it was affecting others, but I was just thinking of it as how it pertains to Stanfield at the meeting.” […]

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A day of honor

Another Memorial Day has come and gone and as families gathered for barbecues to kick off the summer, many others spent the day honoring and remembering the men and women who died while serving their country.

“Memorial Day is a time to reflect on the men and womenwhogavetheirlives for our freedom, and we need to continue to honor that,” says Bernice Davis, owner of Tiger Lily in the Locust Town Center. “To me it is a respectful day to remember the people who have died for freedom, who have fought for our freedom, and who gave us our freedom, and those who are continuing to serve so we might have our freedom.”

Davis is a wife, mother, and grandmother of military men and women and is proud of her military family and the sacrifices they are willing to make. […]

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Locust holds annual Police Memorial Ceremony

The City of Locust and Officer Jeff Shelton Memorial Foundation hosted a memorial service at the Officer Jeff Shelton Memorial Park last Thursday morning to honor officers who died in the line of duty while living or working in Western Stanly County. The service was attended by many local and statewide officers and family members. […]

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Foundation to honor police with awards dinner, silent auction

For the sixth year, the City of Locust and Officer Jeff Shelton Memorial Foundation will partner to observe National Police Week beginning next Sunday, May 12 through Saturday, May 18. This year the collaboration will host a Thin Blue Line Silent Auction and Awards Dinner to honor members of law enforcement and raise funds for various projects within the foundation.Officer Jeff Shelton, a Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer and Locust citizen was killed in the line of duty April 1, 2007 after responding to a disturbance call. His partner, Sean Clark was also killed responding to the same call.Shelton and Clark were the first Charlotte-Mecklenburg officers fatally shot in the line of duty in more than a decade. […]

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Locust council discusses memorial plans, illegal signs

At the City of Locust Council meeting, the council held several discussions on the image of the city, from plans for a future memorial to illegal signs that have been dotting the landscape of roadways and curves as the warmer weather has rolled in.Scott Efird, City Planning and Zoning Director, along with Tate Osborne, Parks and Recreation Director, unveiled preliminary plans for a veteran’s war memorial to be located next to the government center on Ray Kennedy Drive.The plans include stone benches, five flags representing each branch of the military, and memorial brick pavers situated under a canopy of trees.“We’ve been talking about this for a long time and there have been light- years of progress made in the past two months,” said city administrator Tim Fesperman. “This is going to happen sooner rather than later.” […]

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Rotary Club of West Stanly helps provide ecostoves for Honduras village

The West Stanly Rotary club, in conjunction with Live again Ministries are stepping up to help provide assistance to needy families around the world. Centuries-old cooking methods in Latin America and other countries across the globe have been killing people, literally. The old method uses an open fire in an enclosed area. The result is that in Latin America alone, 4 million burns are reported annually and respiratory illnesses from the smoke are the leading causes of death in children under five. Smoke from open cooking fires kills more than four times as many people as malaria. Daily cooking is the equivalent to smoking three packs of cigarettes a day for mothers and young children.Ecostoves, known as ecocinas in Spanish, provide a safe and efficient cooking system. The unit is enclosed and 99 percent of the toxic smoke is eliminated. Where they are being used, the results have been phenomenal: dramatic reduction in burns, respiratory, eye and skin problems, reduction of carbon emissions and particulate matter by 70 percent, they are portable and quick-cooking, requiring no installation or chimney, reduction in use of wood for fuel by more than 50 percent, are built from all local materials such as concrete, pumice and tile, provide local jobs in sustainable factories, and are adapted to local cooking methods. […]

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Locust Council to suspend all activity except senior lunch at community building

“I make a motion to suspend all public activity in the park building other than the senior lunch pending a review of the building by the county health inspector,” said Council member David Walker after coming out of executive session at the Locust City Council April meeting Thursday evening.During the parks period of the meeting, […]

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Residents attend meeting on changes to Cabarrus-Stanly county lines

Stanly County residents were invited to attend an informal drop-in community meeting Monday evening to discuss future changes to their properties during a two-year county line survey between Stanly and Cabarrus counties.More than 120 properties on the Cabarrus and Stanly counties line may be affected soon. The county line, which was established in 1762 from Mecklenburg and Anson counties, has never defined a clear border between the two counties.According to J. Brent Weisner, Cabarrus County Tax Administrator, the board of commissioners have requested the North Carolina Geodetic Survey to aid the county in establishing the boundaries in 1994, 1997, 1999, and have completed their work and are now ready to survey and set monuments on the new line. The entire process could take up to two years.“There is a common boundary between us, but historically no one has really known where it was. We have been operating with two different county lines,” said Weisner at a Cabarrus County Board of Commissioners meeting in February. “Stanly County has a county line and Cabarrus County has a county line. Sometimes they have crossed over each other and sometimes there has been a gap between the two of them and fortunately those gaps have not been very large.” […]

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County manager, city administrator speak at WSBA

At the March West Stanly Business Association meeting, members met in the Joel Huneycutt room at the Locust Government Center to hear from Stanly County Manager Andy Lucas and City of Locust Administrator Tim Fesperman.Lucas gave positive reports for the economic development of the county, with a five percent increase in sales tax revenue compared to last year, as well as outside interest from companies looking at moving operations to the county. Lucas also discussed the increase in company expansions like Carolina Paper Convertors in Oakboro.In the coming months, Lucas says the county may have a new asset. The county, according to Lucas, is in the process of due diligence for the Oakboro Treatment Plant. The plant would no longer remain a municipality asset but a county one. The process may take a couple of months before talks for purchasing can begin with the Town of Oakboro. […]

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