Wildlife taxidermists from across the nation contended for top honors at the 2013 Big Rock Sports East Dealer Show January 4-6 in Raleigh. Oakboro taxidermist Justin Hinson’s whitetail deer entry won Professional Best of Show.“I really liked how they had all the habitat trees and everything inside the showroom floor. I hadn’t really seen that at any of the other competitions that I’ve been to,” Hinson said. “The judges were really good. I was able to have a piece in both game head and whitetails, and the judges really knew what they were talking about. I learned a lot from them. It was judged pretty hard. Everybody earned whatever they got. There wasn’t anything really given away at this competition.”Mounts were scored within four categories (Birds, Fish, Gameheads, Whitetail Shoulder) in the Master Professional and Dealer’s Choice divisions. Judges included world class fish taxidermist Rick Krane, nationally recognized avian artist Page Nethercutt, North American Champion Chris Barnhardt, and 2011 Whitetail World Champion Vincent Fleming. […]