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Winter storm 2015

Scenes from Stanly County.


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Fair Havens Ministry aims to use old Bethel School as orphanage

By Leah Schmalz
A sign hangs on the front fence of the old Bethel School building on Highway 24-27, proclaiming it the future home of Fair Havens Orphanage. After sitting vacant for years, Mint Hill native Jessica Harris has plans to convert the five buildings and three ball fields into a place of hope for children throughout the area, with a proposed opening date of August 2017. […]

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Red Cross Council discusses Stanly County Schools’ redistricting plans

By Natalie Lloyd
At Monday’s meeting, Red Cross council members discussed the consolidation and redistricting plans proposed by the Stanly County Board of Education. Former school board member Melvin Poole spoke about the plans and answered questions from the council. Poole, who served on the school board for 18 years, vehemently opposed the plans.  […]

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Stanfield council, staff visit third grade classes

By Leah Schmalz
Third grade students had the opportunity to learn more about local government firsthand on Thursday with a visit from members of the Stanfield town council, staff and police department.
Mayor Kevin Barbee, Commissioner Jerry Williams, Police Chief Tony Beaver, Interim Town Administrator Bridgette Helms and Officer Ashley Ingram provided an overview of the way the town functions. Students received Stanly County magazines, maps and a copy of the town’s history. “Generally we try to look after the town’s best interests,” said Barbee. “There will be opportunities for you as you get older to get involved.” […]

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Registration begins for spring sports

By Natalie Lloyd
Cold winter weather often means long days indoors for children who would rather spend time outside. For children longing to get outside and play, now is the time to register for spring sports. A variety of sports opportunities are offered locally for children of all ages.
The City of Locust offers spring baseball, softball, tennis and soccer programs for children. Registration for spring sports must be completed online at www.locustnc.sportssignup.com.
A baseball program is offered for boys ages 4-12 and softball for girls ages 4-15.  The season begins in March and ends in June. Registration is open now through Friday, February 20. The City of Locust also offers the Babe Ruth baseball league for boys ages 13-15. Registration for the Babe Ruth league is open now through Wednesday, April 1. The cost per player for baseball or softball is $85. […]

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Midland extends Saddlebrook hearing, reviews petition

By Leah Schmalz
At January’s meeting last Tuesday, Midland council decided to extend the public hearing on prohibited parking on Saddlebrook Drive until February’s meeting pending more information on the situation.
No one spoke at the hearing, but the town plans to reach out to the impacted households on Saddlebrook Drive to invite them to speak at February’s meeting. There are several options the ordinance could address. It could limit parking on the entire street, limit it on one side only, limit it between certain points or set specific times for restricted parking. The concern is that buses and emergency vehicles would have difficulty on the street with cars parked along both sides. […]

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Changing the course of time—Rev. Dr. Jesse L. Douglas Sr was a civil rights pioneer

By Andrew Stark
It turns out the “unidentified white man” has a name, and boy does he have a story to tell.
Mint Hill resident Rev. Dr. Jesse L. Douglas Sr. is the holder of two bachelor degrees, a masters and a doctorate degree. He is a minister, a soloist, a civil rights pioneer and was a confidant to some of the country’s biggest and most powerful players during the civil rights movements of the 1960s.
It was during that time Douglas became known by many as the “unidentified white man” since he appeared to be a caucasian man who was so often seen in photographs alongside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., John Lewis, Ralph Abernathy and many other key players in the civil rights movement in Atlanta, Alabama and throughout the United States.
Now 84 years old, Douglas resides in the Clear Creek Retirement Home with his wife, Blanche, and is recovering after spinal surgery. He gets around with a wheelchair or a walker these days, but just like his fighting spirit of the 1960s, Douglas can rise to the challenge when needed and, sometimes against his therapist’s best wishes, will stand by himself just months after surgery left him nearly bedridden. […]

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Local builders discuss sewer rates during Locust council meeting

By Natalie Lloyd
Several local builders and developers were invited to attend the January council meeting in Locust to add their perspective to the discussion on sewer accessibility rates. The discussion was tabled from the December meeting. Terry Whitley, Tim Furr and Harold Dean Almond each spoke to the council about the issue. 
With only around 50 houses built last year, Whitley said growth in Locust is much slower than growth in other municipalities surrounding Charlotte. Whitley is one of the developers for the Locust Town Center and currently serves on the Stanly County Economic Development Commission. He stated several reasons for the slower development in Locust including high land prices and high sewer rates. Not just an issue for residential development, Whitley said the high sewer rates are also a problem for commercial development.  […]

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Christian Ministries provides assistance at Christmas and year-round

By Natalie Lloyd
The Christmas season is a time of giving, sharing and helping one another. For the staff at West Stanly Christian Ministries in Stanfield, the spirit of giving is not confined to Christmastime, but is a year-round focus.
“We are a full service crisis assistance ministry in that, basically any need that someone has come up, we try and help them through that situation,” said Robert Britt, managing director of WSCM, “that’s not to say we can meet every need or that we can help in every situation, but we like to be a good starting off place.” […]

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Oakboro celebrates Christmas Thursday, December 4

By Natalie Lloyd
A full evening of Christmas festivities is planned for Thursday, December 4 in Oakboro. Come early to enjoy holiday fun around town before the annual tree lighting ceremony and Christmas parade.   
Beginning at 5 pm, families can take a train ride in the Sun Trust parking lot, enjoy a children’s Christmas tree exhibit and visit with Santa Claus. […]

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