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Agri-Civic Day

This past Saturday, families enjoyed a day of fun at the Agri-Civic Center in Albemarle. Stanly County Agri-Civic Day is an annual summer event featuring displays of farm equipment, live entertainment, local agri-business vendors, non-profit exhibits, livestock shows and historical demonstrations. Children enjoyed a straw maze, corn pits, inflatables and pony rides. From watermelon eating […]

Meadow Creek Primitive Baptist celebrates 250 years as a church

By Leah Schmalz

Meadow Creek Primitive Baptist Church in Locust commemorates a major landmark this weekend with the celebration of its 250th anniversary. Organized in 1765 by Primitive Baptists from England, the church was formed 11 years prior to the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

The weekend festivities consist of several services held throughout the weekend that include a capella congregational singing, preaching, prayer and fellowship. The services take place at 7 pm on Friday and 10:30 am on Saturday and 10 am on Sunday. The morning services are followed by lunch.  […]

Softball tournament helps area firefighter

Saturday was a humbling day for West Stanly Firefighter Steven Shaw. After years of helping others, the tables were turned as a whole community came out to support him.

The first Stanly County Public Safety/Teacher’s Charity Softball Tournament was held to benefit Shaw and his family as he undergoes treatment for leukemia. […]

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Celebrate Midland Magic–A “tremendous success”

In spite of the unusually high temperatures last weekend, people enjoyed the activities and events at the Celebrate Midland Magic Festival. Sonya Reynolds, a member of the planning committee, called the event a “tremendous success.” 
While the extremely hot weather was a challenge, she noted that the lack of rain was a plus. “The fireworks were […]

West Stanly roars for school spirit

By Leah Schmalz
West Stanly High School’s mascot may be a colt, but the students, faculty and staff are letting out a roar. Less than two weeks ago, they recorded a video for Katy Perry’s song “Roar” as part of a national contest to have the music star perform at the school. While that prize might be enough to motivate any school to participate, the underlying goal for WSHS was a boost in school spirit. 

Karen Brown, who teaches family consumer science at WSHS, was one of the driving forces behind the video. “If we don’t win, we already have,” she said. According to Brown, increasing school spirit has been a focus of the faculty recently due to the ways it improves attendance and classroom dynamics. “When they’re having fun and they like coming to school, then…they want to do good at school. They start embracing that whole thought of doing well in the classroom,” she said. Principal Kim Page agrees. “This is the best drop out prevention we could ever have,” she said. 

The school spent two and half days recording the video before and after classes and during lunch, so as not to cut into instruction time. Art teacher Tim Kroll assisted with the recording and production. The video went live on YouTube around 9:30 am on Sunday, September 29. Since then it’s reached more than 30,000 views. It has also been featured several times on “Good Morning America,” the host of the contest.   […]

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Family honors daughter with Gifts from Angels

When Jami Pless passed away in a car accident in April of 2012, the basket she had put together for a silent auction benefit was still sitting on the fireplace at her parents’ home. Later that fall, as Pless’ birthday approached, her mother Paula Fox wondered what she could do to stay distracted from the hurt while still honoring her daughter.

She thought back to the basket, which had been for a fundraiser for Angel Thompson, a little girl and friend of the family diag- nosed with brain cancer. In spite of the struggles of cancer, Thompson had recently taken it upon herself to collect toys and games for children in hos- pitals— an effort that grew into a charity called Gifts from Angels. For Fox, the connection was clear. “It was one of those ideas that just pops into your head at 2 o’clock in the morning,” she said. “You get signs and I guess that was kind of my sign that said, ‘Okay, Mom, you know what I would do so step it up.’” […]

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Rental fees to affect senior dance cost

A decision made by the Locust town council sent a group of concerned residents scurrying to the parking lot to make a decision of their own.
Thursday night, the board approved a rental agreement for the community house, which has been under renovation for the last few months. The rules allow for the facility to be rented seven days a week, year-round, as long as events don’t interfere with its county use as a senior nutrition site or elections. But everyone has to pay a rental fee.
In the approved agreement, renters must put down a $100 security deposit if they are Locust residents or pay $115 for all others. Funds will be refunded upon inspection and return of the key. No alcohol is allowed on the premises. Rent will remain the same as it has always been at $10 an hour.
“This will be consistent with everybody using the building,” said City Administrator Tim Fesperman. “The exceptions are the two programs contracted out with the countyčmeals and playing cards on Thursday. We don’t charge for those because those are contracted out in-kind. But the other folks will be consistent.”
Knowing that a large argument against the measure is the fact that tax-payer money was used to renovate the building, Fesperman reminded attendees that the Parks and Recreation Department also has to have its participants pay fees despite it also being partially funded by residents.
“We spent a lot of money on that building,” he said of the $35,000 price tag. But it didn’t fund everything. A church has already volunteered to help paint and make some other repairs. “It’s a continued commitment to keep that building open and for use for everybody.”
One of the groups immediately affected is the more than 70 seniors who use the facility for dances and other senior get-togethers, but have never had to pay.
Resident Gail Starnes, one of those event-goers, tried to speak up during the meeting in opposition, but was told to wait until the designated public comment time, which was held after the unanimous vote was taken.╩
╩“We want to keep everything as it has been,” she said when it was her time to speak. “It’s hard enough to get them to donate for drinks or food or anything. They don’t have the money to rent that building.”  […]

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4-H youth attends NCACC Youth Summit

Stanly County 4-H’er, Betsy Austin, attended the fourth annual North Carolina Association of County Commissioners (NCACC) Youth Summit, held in Greensboro, North Carolina recently. 4-H and the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service partnered for the fourth year with the NCACC on a multi-year initiative to increase youth involvement in county government. 
This initiative aims to overcome […]

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Library takes part in ebook program

The Stanly County Public Library will take part in the “Big Library Read” program. Library card holders will be able to borrow and enjoy the eBook version of the book, Nancy Clancy, Super Sleuth by Jane O’Connor, from September 16-30 by visiting http: //e-inc.lib.overdrive.com.

“Big Library Read” is an international program that gives libraries and library […]

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Senior Center collecting school supplies

Kathy Yow, Stanly Family YMCA Business Manager and Volunteer Coordinator for Second Parenthood Support Group, accepts school tools donations from Mary Troutman, Senior Ser- vices Dept. Programs Supervisor. Schools supplies donated by Senior Center participants and staff will be used by children who are being raised by grandparents or other kinship caregivers. Donations will continue […]

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