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Mission Church improves community with Big Serve week

Mission Baptist Church wrapped up its Big Serve week by serving dinner to the West Stanly High School football team before their game on Friday. The Big Serve was a weeklong event designed to address any unmet needs in the community.

The church kicked off the week last Monday when almost 100 people tended to flower […]

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West Stanly roars for school spirit

By Leah Schmalz
West Stanly High School’s mascot may be a colt, but the students, faculty and staff are letting out a roar. Less than two weeks ago, they recorded a video for Katy Perry’s song “Roar” as part of a national contest to have the music star perform at the school. While that prize might be enough to motivate any school to participate, the underlying goal for WSHS was a boost in school spirit. 

Karen Brown, who teaches family consumer science at WSHS, was one of the driving forces behind the video. “If we don’t win, we already have,” she said. According to Brown, increasing school spirit has been a focus of the faculty recently due to the ways it improves attendance and classroom dynamics. “When they’re having fun and they like coming to school, then…they want to do good at school. They start embracing that whole thought of doing well in the classroom,” she said. Principal Kim Page agrees. “This is the best drop out prevention we could ever have,” she said. 

The school spent two and half days recording the video before and after classes and during lunch, so as not to cut into instruction time. Art teacher Tim Kroll assisted with the recording and production. The video went live on YouTube around 9:30 am on Sunday, September 29. Since then it’s reached more than 30,000 views. It has also been featured several times on “Good Morning America,” the host of the contest.   […]

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Softball tournament raises $1,400 for Special Olympics

By Carrie C. Causey, The Weekly Post
Members of the Lanesboro Correctional Institution hit it out of the ballpark in their efforts to raise money for Special Olympics Saturday.
Softball teams from around the area, including Albemarle and Oakboro, participated in the first Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics Softball Tournament at Oakboro District Park, netting $1,400.╩
Sgt. Michael Kiker, who helped organize the event with his brother Kristopher and other volunteers, said this is one of several fundraisers to raise money for Special Olympics, which offers training and athletic opportunities for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.
Saturday’s event was made possible through several organization and businesses participating and donating their time and resources. Volunteer umpires were Bobby Teague, Tim Beaver, Jackie Humber and Mel Milton. Teams played in a double elimination tournament and they also raised money through a homerun derby and concession sales. Winning teams were C and G of Albemarle, Crump of Albemarle and Lucky Seven from the Lanesboro prison. […]

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4-H youth attends NCACC Youth Summit

Stanly County 4-H’er, Betsy Austin, attended the fourth annual North Carolina Association of County Commissioners (NCACC) Youth Summit, held in Greensboro, North Carolina recently. 4-H and the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service partnered for the fourth year with the NCACC on a multi-year initiative to increase youth involvement in county government. 
This initiative aims to overcome […]

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SCC’s AMIT campaign receives $20,000 from For Stanly, Inc.

Stanly Community Col- lege received a $20,000 donation from For Stanly, Inc. in support of its SCC’s “Training for Tomorrow’s Workforce” campaign. Through this targeted campaign, SCC is seek- ing to raise $3 million for major renovations to the existing Annex Building and Continuing Education Building on the Albemarle campus.

The check was presented to SCC’s President, Dr. Brenda Kays, by Bill Lawhon, Chairman of For Stanly, Inc. The funds will be utilized by the College in order to create and expand training programs for ma- chining, welding, industrial maintenance technician, and heat/ventilation/air- conditioning. […]

Senior Center collecting school supplies

Kathy Yow, Stanly Family YMCA Business Manager and Volunteer Coordinator for Second Parenthood Support Group, accepts school tools donations from Mary Troutman, Senior Ser- vices Dept. Programs Supervisor. Schools supplies donated by Senior Center participants and staff will be used by children who are being raised by grandparents or other kinship caregivers. Donations will continue […]

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County commissioners, school board to change size

Beginning next year, two Stanly County boards will see a change in the shape of their panels.

The Board of Education will loose two seats, and the Board of Commis- sioners will gain two seats, coming to a total of seven seats on each board. The new change comes after a bill was passed by the North Carolina Legislature July 25 affecting both Stanly County as well as Guilford County.

“Anytime you add additional members to an elected or appointed body, there will be increased ideas, thoughts, and opinions,” said county manager Andy Lucas. “It also has the potential to enhance civic engagement given the district-based representation.” […]

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West Stanly hires new football coach

West Stanly football players will run out on the field under the leadership of a new coach this year, as James Johnson joins the team.Johnson comes to the new position as head coach from Richmond Senior High School with 10 years of coaching experience at a school rich with a winning football tradition.“He impressed us first with his football knowledge and his plan to build a program and game plan based on our strengths here at West,” said West Athletic Director Tina Carter. “He was excited and confident that he could turn our program around, but was realistic in telling us it wouldn’t happen overnight.” […]

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Rotary gives dictionaries, inspires learning

The West Stanly Rotary Club gave dictionaries to third graders at Locust Elementary School last week to encourage a thirst for learning. The students helped find and define key words from the Rotary “4 Way Test” of ethical conduct.“We appreciate the connection that the Rotary has with us. This school is the center of Locust, […]

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West Stanly Middle Betas showcase talents

Forty-eight of West Stanly Middle School’s 135 Beta members joined 3,800 other North Carolina Betas in Greensboro for the State Convention February 4 and 5. While at the convention, members showcased their talents with arts and crafts entries including sketching, watercolor, sculpture, recyclable art, cross-stitching, quilting, woodworking, wreath and jewelry making, T-shirt design, spotlight your club, and color, black and white, and digital photography.Annika Kuleba created a quilt that combined this year’s theme “The Heart of Beta” with West Stanly Middle School Colors and the school mascot (Colt). The quilt’s design contained a variety of 12-inch squares, all machine sewn along with a variety of hand-quilting methods to tie the batting and backing together in order to bind the quilt together. She embellished the quilt with over 60 hand-sewn buttons. It took more than 100 hours to create the quilt. […]

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