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Midland hears preliminary plans for Wallace Park

By Leah Schmalz

Cabarrus County officials presented plans for Phase 1 of Rob Wallace Park at a work session Tuesday night in Midland.

Planning for the 190-acre park has resumed after budget cuts last summer reallocated funding and stalled the project.

The county’s recent acquisition of land allows for a park entrance off of Bethel School Road and work is already underway.

Deputy County Manager Jonathan Marshall said the county is exploring a public-private venture to drive the cost of the park. “Taxpayers won’t pay the initial bill,” he said. “It will be driven by users. With that said, there will be plenty of free amenities in this park and it will be a huge asset to this area.”

Paddleboat rentals and an aerial adventure park are some of the proposed amenities that would generate funds to support the park. Additionally, the county has roughly $1 million set aside for Phase 1 and plans to apply for a $350,000 grant from the state.  […]

Locust considers raising speed limit on Hwy. 24-27

By Natalie Lloyd


During the August council meeting, Locust city representatives debated the pros and cons of increasing the speed limit on Hwy. 24-27.

Currently the speed limit in Locust drops from 45 mph to 35 mph on Hwy. 24-27 through town with a 25 mph school zone. Council members and Department of Transportation engineers discussed the possibility of raising the speed limit to 45 mph, the recommendation of NCDOT based on traffic studies conducted over the past five years.

According to the studies, 85 percent of traffic on Hwy. 24-27 in Locust is comfortable driving speeds around 45 mph.

“For quite a while we’ve known the highway was designed and carries traffic at 45 miles per hour. And people will, for the most part, drive to the design and capability of the highway,” said City Administrator Tim Fesperman.  […]

Midland pursues council-manager government

By Leah Schmalz

The Weekly Post

The town of Midland is moving forward in an effort to restructure its form of government from mayor-council to council-manager through a charter amendment.

The council unanimously adopted a resolution of intent and set a public hearing on the matter for the next regular meeting on September 8.

“It’s been a goal of this town for years to move to a council-manager form of government,” said Mayor Kathy Kitts.

This shift in the way the town operates would allow council and the mayor to focus on town policies instead of dedicating time to staff responsibilities. Additionally, the town manager would have more freedom to exercise policies without the need for council approval beforehand.

After the public hearing in September, the council can make a decision at the next consecutive meeting on October 13.

The council also passed a resolution during the meeting to extend the offer of full-time town administrator to Doug Paris, who had been serving as interim administrator. Paris would continue in the administrator role if the town switches to the council-manager government form. […]

Sheriff speaks at Locust council meeting

By Natalie Lloyd

At the July meeting, Sheriff George T. Burris spoke to the Locust City Council providing updates from the sheriff’s office.

“We’re doing a lot of community policing, trying to be more involved in our cities and towns,” said Burris.

He commended the Locust Police Department for their work and thanked Police Chief Frank Hartsell for his assistance and advice.

Burris said the sheriff’s department is also working to be more involved in schools through the D.A.R.E. program.

The community can now connect with the sheriff’s department via Facebook. Burris said the Facebook page was recently started to keep the community informed about major arrests and other information.  […]

Red Cross to purchase tractor

By Natalie Lloyd

At Monday’s meeting, the Red Cross Town Council discussed the purchase of a utility tractor to mow the walking trail around the town hall property.

The council compared the cost of purchasing a utility tractor and mowing the walking trail themselves to bids from lawn service companies.

The primary use for the tractor currently will be to mow around the walking trail; however, the town hopes to eventually build a park and could use the tractor to maintain park property as well.

“Looking at the future, we’d like to see a park,” said council member Kelly Brattain. “This would be a way to start as part of the equipment.”

The council determined the purchase of the tractor would be more cost effective than contracting a lawn service to maintain the walking trail. The purchase of a John Deere tractor was approved at a cost of $14,300.  […]

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Stanfield reflects on success of Read with a Cop

By Leah Schmalz
At the May council meeting, Stanfield Police Chief Corey Faggart reported on the Read with a Cop program, which just ended for the school year.
“I think there was only one child that didn’t participate,” Faggart said. “All the ones that participated got a certificate for a free slushie at the mini mart. The top three out of each class got a free pool pass for their whole family.”
All of the children who participated read more than 100 books for the year. “That just shows how much it encourages the kids,” Faggart said.
The top reader was Chase Burroughs, with a total of 360 books. “To get a kid to read 360 books at home on his own, that’s a win for me,” Faggart said. “The more they’re reading, the better their reading skills. This is kindergarten, so it’s going to build throughout their education.” […]

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Stanfield PD enhances crime solving with system purchase

By Leah Schmalz
The council reviewed the benefits of a recent purchase by the Stanfield Police Department at May’s council meeting Thursday.
“We’re responsible for the town’s money and when we spend money that tax money, I like to advertise what we have done,” said Police Commissioner James Griffin.
He said last month the town purchased a system called Leads Online to assist in the investigation of crimes of stolen property. The cost of the system is $1,500 per year. A review of stolen property incidents from previous years showed the town was losing more than this as a result of these crimes. […]

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Oakboro passes resolution to request delayed BOE vote

By Leah Schmalz
Anthony Graves spoke at Oakboro’s February town council meeting to present a proposed resolution to ask the Stanly County Board of Education to delay the vote on any closure or consolidation plans until January 2016. Several days later the council adopted the resolution. The full text can be found on the town’s website and Facebook page.  […]

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Red Cross Council discusses Stanly County Schools’ redistricting plans

By Natalie Lloyd
At Monday’s meeting, Red Cross council members discussed the consolidation and redistricting plans proposed by the Stanly County Board of Education. Former school board member Melvin Poole spoke about the plans and answered questions from the council. Poole, who served on the school board for 18 years, vehemently opposed the plans.  […]

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Stanfield council, staff visit third grade classes

By Leah Schmalz
Third grade students had the opportunity to learn more about local government firsthand on Thursday with a visit from members of the Stanfield town council, staff and police department.
Mayor Kevin Barbee, Commissioner Jerry Williams, Police Chief Tony Beaver, Interim Town Administrator Bridgette Helms and Officer Ashley Ingram provided an overview of the way the town functions. Students received Stanly County magazines, maps and a copy of the town’s history. “Generally we try to look after the town’s best interests,” said Barbee. “There will be opportunities for you as you get older to get involved.” […]

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