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Midland extends Saddlebrook hearing, reviews petition

By Leah Schmalz
At January’s meeting last Tuesday, Midland council decided to extend the public hearing on prohibited parking on Saddlebrook Drive until February’s meeting pending more information on the situation.
No one spoke at the hearing, but the town plans to reach out to the impacted households on Saddlebrook Drive to invite them to speak at February’s meeting. There are several options the ordinance could address. It could limit parking on the entire street, limit it on one side only, limit it between certain points or set specific times for restricted parking. The concern is that buses and emergency vehicles would have difficulty on the street with cars parked along both sides. […]

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Stanfield addresses covered sewer valve on Big Lick Road

By Leah Schmalz
At the November council meeting, Stanfield officials discussed a mistake made by state workers on the Big Lick Road bridge. The employees covered over a valve on the sewer transmission line with roughly six feet of fill, even though it had been marked. A second valve on the opposite end of the bridge wasn’t covered.
Town officials said other valves along the line remain accessible in the case of an incident. “If anything was to happen, we could shut it off,” said Commissioner Jerry Williams. However, even if the valve remains covered, it would need to be open and secure to avoid issues. […]

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Whitley to retire from SCPC

By Natalie Lloyd

Barbara Whitley, Executive Director for the Stanly County Partnership for Children, will retire June 30. She has been involved with the partnership for over 20 years, serving as executive director for the past 12 years.

The Stanly County Partnership for Children is a nonprofit agency serving children birth to five years old.

SCPC is a local partnership for the statewide Smart Start program. Established in 1993, Smart Start is led by the North Carolina Partnership for Children and 77 local partnerships working in all 100 counties in the state.

Through Smart Start funding, SCPC provides programs and services to help prepare children in Stanly County to enter kindergarten.

“It has been an honor and privilege,” said Whitley, “I have been so fortunate and blessed to have this position.” […]

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Midland Magic cancelled until next year

By Leah Schmalz

Celebrate Midland Magic, a local festival held for 12 years, is cancelled for this fall. The committee has plans to hold it again next year.

John Crump, a Midland town councilmember, said the committee had been looking for a larger venue but had planned to hold it one more time at the Midland Fire […]

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Oakboro hires Daniel Smith as Parks & Recreation Director

By Leah Schmalz

At a closed meeting at the beginning of the month, Oakboro town council approved the hire of Daniel Smith as the Parks & Recreation Director. Smith has a Bachelor’s in Parks and Recreation Administration and Master’s in Sports Administration.

Smith starts on June 30 and will be paid an annual salary of $37,440 in the newly created position. The primary purpose of creating the position is to offer more recreational opportunities to the town’s residents.  […]

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Cabarrus Acres residents raise concerns over utility costs

By Leah Schmalz

Residents Scott Boles and Stacey Joyner spoke during the public comment session of the Midland meeting last Tuesday regarding the sewer project in Cabarrus Acres. Because of the sewer lines, residents will also have to hookup to Concord city water rather than staying on Aqua water. Boles said the cost to tap in to city water, according to a letter he received, is $2,411 per residence.

Both Boles and Joyner wondered if the town plans to help residents on fixed income afford the cost of tapping on. Pugh said the town has heard from many other residents in Cabarrus Acres as well. “That’s what we needed out of the citizens and that’s something that staff takes very seriously,” he said.  […]

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Banquet benefits the Bridge to Recovery

By Natalie Lloyd

The Bridge to Recovery held a benefit banquet at Loves Grove United Methodist Church in Stanfield this past Saturday evening. Thirty-five tables were sponsored for the event with more than 200 guests in attendance.

The Bridge to Recovery is a Christian sober house for those seeking recovery from drug and alcohol addictions. Serving as a bridge between detox and long-term treatment, BTR helps those seeking sobriety to have a better chance for recovery.  […]

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Holiday spirit on parade in Locust this Saturday

Members of the West Stanly Lions Club and the City of Locust hope to usher in the holiday season with a full afternoon of festivities Saturday.

The day starts with a holiday festival in the Locust Town Center beginning at 1 pm. The parade takes place in downtown at 3 pm and attendees can enjoy entertainment until […]

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Oakboro employees to receive holiday payment

By Carrie C. Causey

Oakboro Meeting Wrap-up

Monday night, the Oakboro town council recognized Clerk Taffy Smith as being the town’s first clerk to become certified, having recently finished her training. 
Following closed session, the board awarded her achievements by giving her a pay increase of 50 cents an hour, totaling $15 an hour, and an extra week of vacation.
Commissioners also voted to ask their intern David Smith to stay on until May if willing. Smith, Town Administrator Doug Burgess’ grandson, is a graduate student at Wingate University and has been working with the Parks and Recreation department. Burgess told the board Smith had mentioned he’d like to stay on because he has more ideas. 
But the board’s generosity toward their employees didn’t stop there. 
They voted to give all full-time town workers $250 and all part-time employees $100 as a one-time payment during the holiday season. Contract employees, Burgess and Special Projects Manager Larry Branch, will also receive $250. […]

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Stanfield welcomes 20 new jobs from UFP London

By Leah Schmalz
The Stanfield Town Council and the Stanly County Board of Commissioners voted Monday at a joint public hearing to approve an economic incentive with UFP New London that is expected to bring 20 new jobs and invest more than $1 million in the town of Stanfield. The company, a subsidiary of Universal Forest […]

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