Stanfield to hear from public on rezoning

The Stanfield Board of Commissioners will meet Thursday, March 7 at 7 pm. Before the meeting begins, a public hearing will be held for zoning changes to subdivide and rezone parts of two tracks of land on Hwy. 200. The public may sign up to speak during the public hearing.

There will be a presenta- tion by James Castonguay during the Planning and Zoning portion of the meeting. An update will be given for the budget and the valve replacement at the main pump station. During the Mayor’s Re- port, the board will discuss renewing the Deer Urban Archery Season. There will also be a closed session.

The Locust City Council will meet Thursday, March 7 at 7:30 pm. Among the general departmental updates from Administration, Parks and Facilities, Public Works, Zoning, ABC Store, Public Safety, Economic Development and Code Enforcement, Senior Services and Rural Planning, the board will discuss the upcoming retreat, a legacy tree fund grant, and a land use public hearing.

Fire Chief Tripp Crosby from the West Stanly Fire Department will give fire department updates. The meeting will then be recessed until 7:30 am Saturday, March 9.

The agendas for both municipality meetings are subject to change until approved by the council and commissions at the meeting. The public may sign up and speak during the public comment period of the meeting. 


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