Locust Eagle Scout Project

Scout project beautifies Locust corners
By Joyce Lavene
Senior Staff Writer
The City of Locust had plans on tap for landscaped plant beds on the corners of Hwy. 200 South and Hwy. 24/27 since the roadwork was being completed. But the recession and budget cuts kept them from realizing that goal. Landon Morrison, a 16-year-old sophomore at West Stanly High School, was looking for an Eagle Scout project. It seemed like a perfect fit.
Morrison came up with a team of workers who were onsite for about 25 hours over the last few weeks, digging up the ground, adding soil, plants and mulch. He used the plans the city had already drawn up. The result were two perfectly landscaped corners which are in a highly visible location in the city.
Helping Morrison were his brother, Evan, and his sister, Hannah, his mother Cindy and father, Tim. Even his grandmother, Bernice Morrison, helped out. Troop 63 at Carolina Presbyterian Church also worked on the project as did David Parsons, the troop’s scoutmaster. The Junior ROTC sent some volunteers and the Tri M Music Honor Scoiety. Josh Hartsell and Charlie Hinson gave of their time to help Morrison as well.
Locust Mayor Scott Efird was very happy with the landscaping. “I am thrilled that there are still young people who get involved in things like this. The corners at the square really look great.”
The project saved the city more than $9,000, according to Locust City Administrator James Inman. Those were the bids the city had sent to them. Locust supplied the plants for the project. Work on the project started March 19 with the first loads of topsoil being spread. Project work was completed during seven days, final mulch was spread on April 20. There were 25 volunteers, working various hours ranging from two to 26, totaling 218 man hours.
Landon is participating in the Air Force and Navy summer academy. He hopes to get in to the Air Force and become a pilot. He is on the track team, in ROTC and band, loves math and science. He is an Honor student, a band captain and Tri M Music Honor Society as well as a track and field long distance runner.
“I am grateful to the City of Locust for giving me this opportunity and to those who generously volunteered their time and energy to the project,” Landon said.
His mother, Cindy, said the project was a lot of work. “But we had fun too.”


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